Adapt or Die!

Years ago, you would walk into a betting shop, down one of the back roads. Navigate your way through the smokey fog. Glance at the pristine papers, maybe a look at the teletext prices and then up to the ramp to put your bet on.

It wasn’t glamorous blog, but it was real betting. The punter vs the bookie.

Now, you walk into shops (ours included) and they are modern, high tech places with slots and roulette spinning in one corner. Sports terminals punching out in running prices on everything from Indian cricket to Danish volleyball. You’ll probably find a group of bingo players huddled around the numbers section. Some young lads filling out footy coupons.

Oh how the game has changed.

But the crucial thing to remember. I say it over and over again to myself. Dozens of times a day. The game HAS NOT gone.

The game has changed! ADAPT  or DIE blog!

Until next time! Be Lucky.

And so it begins…

Hello blog, welcome to the weird and wonderful world of all that is wagering. A candid view on what its like to be on the other side of the counter.

We will be giving our insight (or sometimes lack of) into racing, football and everything else in between.

We will be sharing stories, punter predicaments and our bookmaking blunders along the way.

So please join us on what’s bound to be a journey of ups, downs and everything in between.

Until next time blog, be lucky!